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Beaches in Naxos Island

No summer holiday would be complete without ample chances to swim, dive or indulge in exhilarating water sports; Naxos has its own array of gorgeous sandy beaches, ringed with cedar and olive trees and varied in organized facilities or seclusion. Starting from the quaint Moutsouna Beach directly beneath Ostia Inn Naxos Hotel, to some of the most popular and acclaimed beaches not only in Naxos but in the entire Cyclades such as Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, and Agios Georgios. Mikri Vigla Beach is a meeting point for windsurfing aficionados from all around the world, whereas Abram Beach is known for its unusual warm waters.

Psili Ammos

Within a 10-minute car ride, you can explore the world-renowned, enchanting Psili Ammos Beach, itself one of the most famous beaches of Naxos with natural sand dunes. The deep blue waters of the Aegean await you. With your spirit rejuvenated by the sea and your senses awakened by the sun’s warmth, you will always find a cool breeze and plenty of shade to relax under the cedar trees. If you are intrigued by unspoiled and unexplored sceneries, you can walk across the rocks to explore its secluded small coves.

Panormos Beach

If an eternally calm beach is what you seek, we have a surprise in store for you! At the furthest tip of the eastern coast of Naxos, at the end of the road leading from Ostria Inn, you will find an absolutely tranquil beach called Panormos. Small coves with palm trees and crystal clear, blue-green waters greet you upon arrival, and you immediately feel the soothing effects of this unique sanctuary. Even during the famous 'meltemi' season of high Cycladic winds in August, Panormos Beach always offers you a calm sea without any waves. Here too, you can discover an important part of Naxian culture by visiting the prehistoric Acropolis of Panormos.

Beaches in Naxos Island
Beaches in Naxos Island